Face studies 3
Faces and more ... women ... a never ending source of inspiration
This project covers a mix of experiments, some new, some old. I like to share them because the less appealing alternative is that they remain only bits and bytes on my desktop. That's a shame for the models! Even if they are not always happy with my expression of their characters and looks.
Love is a stomach thing!
Praising the child is caressing the mother ... Does not apply to stepmothers?
The influence of gender and culture on personal development.
Friends with glasses, a pop art related image
Cool blue
Hot red or red hot?
Cubistic principles applied in the 21st century
Nothing more intriguing than eyes .......
Beauty is in the eyes of ......... ?
Kelly Rutherford in distress. 
About the art of deciding that enough is enough!
About the things that better remain unsaid ....
The unmatched elfin beauty of Liv Tyler
Hey ... smile!
The victory of doubt ...
To envie or not .... that's the question!
Ride the tide ...
What's wrong with drinking milk?
You better take "no" for an answer!
What else to say?
Branding, acceptance and resistance.
What the hell is hidden here?
One time to much disappointed or betrayed?
Kick the habit of smoking ... A tremendous good advice that is amazingly often ignored (for some time!)
Not quite honest ....
It needs the right equipment and attitude to look forward!
The heavy looks of Cate Blanchett communicating the light thought that she has not yet decided whether you ...
In the light of Mondrian ....
What can you do?
Friends 1
Friends 2
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