Upgrading details, a systemic approach PART ONE

Once you don't accept the bigger picture to be the final product because the technology allows further exploration of the created images, you might get caught by the overwhelming opportunities. With hindsight this is what happened during my search for an esthetic optimum by cropping and simplification.

It all starts with this retrieved origin of the background, a doubled "random" composition of plane figures. This was one of a serie experimental abstracts I made some years ago.
After some processing and resizing it looks like this, a rather abstract mix of vague lines and noisy rectangles.
After color and contrast adjustments I created ..... Yeah, what?
Many months later the background image inspired to doodling on a new layer. Once combined this results in a awfully busy piece of work. With hindsight this is the 1st generation, the mother-file! Everything that follows is based on a cropped detail of this image. The full scale image (120x120 cm) now decorates a wall in my nephew's new apartment.
This is how the second generation looks. This image has 4 sisters, each of them with a different main theme. This one is called "the blue crocodile".
This 2nd generation piece is "the friendly hulk"
Also 2nd generation: "Octopussy"
"Rowing" is another 2nd generation image. This 80 x 80 cm conceptual design is to be found in Utrecht.
In another project (Upgrading details PART TWO) I will show you how 3rd and even 4th generations images look like. That came to me as a surprise.
Let me know what you think about it and please don't forget to show your appreciation when I earn it.
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