As shown in previous projects (see part one and two) repetition is a powerful tool. Specially when applying similar processes on other generations of digital doodles leads to totally different results. And that seems not to be a matter of chance. It's controllable what kind of image gets created by repetitive upgrading of cropped details. From a chaotic community to an orderly set of characters, from dynamic stories to static scenes. 
Below you will find part of the more than fifty images of the 4th generation. 
From one to eighty images in four steps .... I like to think it was a successful effort to make "emergination" controllable. Emergination? Yes!  Emergination is the phenomenon that new "things" emerge (surface/arise/come up) once you allow imagination to go its way. Key for the result of the process however is that you have to develop a method to capture whatever emerges. Technology may play a role in this. If such a method cannot be found, your gain will be only a short term pleasant experience. Hey ... read me right ... there is nothing wrong with short term pleasant experiences ... but it's also nice to have sometimes something that lasts. 
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