Metal wire constructions Birds
Wire Sculptures Portrets
Wire Sculptures PART TWO
Dead heroes
Fantastic travels
Composition of image details
A doodle revisited
A lot of us
Candy Paper (Waiting for the hairdresser)
Candy Paper (After diner creativity)
No cows ... no party!
Doodles 2015
From space
Sightseeing Dutch Cities
Sightseeing Dutch Cities PART TWO
Tate compositions
The women of Gustav Klimt
Paul Klee's language
Music and passion
Music in images
Exhibited works, a survey
Nippon styled stones
Education essentials
Just flowers
Just more flowers
Klare lijn
Basic forms
Compositions of stones
Upgrading details, a systemic approach PART ONE
Upgrading details, a systemic approach PART TWO
Upgrading details, a systemic approach PART THREE
Upgrading details, an experiment
Face studies 1
Face studies 2
Face studies 3
Face studies 4
Face studies 5
Thinking of evolution
Victory Boogie Woogie
More primitives
Rectangles 2
Rectangles 1
Variations on a theme
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